Membership Fee


Per Month
Up to 100 Loans


Per Month
Up to 1000 Loans


Per Month
Per Loan/Month
Each loan over 1000

One Time Enrollment Fee

Centurion Essentials

Activation Fee

Centurion PRO

Activation Fee

Additional Products

Web Portal

Per Month
Borrower's and Lenders can access their loan information through an instantly updated private-label web portal.

Compliance Monitoring

Per Month
Track loans both for compliance and user workrate or when loan Portfolio UPB exceeds $20 million, regardless of number of loans.

Investor Billing

Per Month
Integrated Billing System to charge customers and collect fees

Fund Manager

$45,000 + 18% annually
Manage all PPM's (Private Placement Memorandums) including Investment Trusts, Fin Techs & Crowd Funding.

Additional One Time Charges

Data Set up Fee

Up to 100 loans plus $250 per hour for conversion.

Special Handling Fees (Custom Programming)

Per Hour

Training and Assistance

Per 15 minutes, paid upfront on a credit card